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            寧波友佳精密工具有限公司 ( 原寧波市鄞州友佳刀具廠 ) 成立于2007年,2014年1月更名為寧波友佳精密工具有限公司 , 位于寧波市奉化濱海新區翡翠灣,離奉化高鐵站緊20分鐘路程,距奉化高速路口20公里 , 交通便利,環境優美。

            Ningbo Youjia Precision Tools Co., Ltd. (formerly Ningbo Zhizhou Youjia Tool Factory) was established in 2007 and was renamed Ningbo Youjia Precision Tools Co., Ltd. in January 2014. It is located in Emerald Bay, Binhai New Area, Fenghua, Ningbo, 20 minutes away from Fenghua High-speed Railway Station. The distance is 20 kilometers away from Fenghua Expressway, with convenient transportation and beautiful environment.

            友佳產品主要包括各種標準和非標準 PCD( 金剛石 )、CBN(立方氮化硼)機床加工切削刀具 ,廣泛應用于汽車制造、航空航天、密封產品等精密加工行業。

            Youjia's products mainly include various standard and nonstandard PCD (diamond), CBN (cubic boron nitride) machine tools and cutting tools, which are widely used in precision processing industries such as automobile manufacturing, aerospace, and sealing products.


            友佳擁有專業刀具工程師和經驗豐富的技術人員 , 現有員工40人左右 , 大專以上學歷20人 , 技術5人,管理人員6人,憑借先進的生產設備和國外進口的優質復合片和金剛石砂輪等原材料,可根據客戶的要求為客戶提供高品質的產品。

            Youjia has professional tool engineers and experienced technicians. There are currently about 40 employees, 20 people with college degree or above, 5 technicians, and 6 management personnel. With advanced production equipment and imported high-quality composite discs and diamond grinding wheels, etc. Raw materials can provide customers with high-quality products according to their requirements.

            友佳將秉承“國產價格、進口品質”的理念 ,為客戶創造價值 , 為中國超硬刀具產業做出貢獻。

            Youjia will uphold the concept of "domestic price, imported quality", create value for customers, and contribute to China's superhard tool industry.